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What are anthroposophical health studies?

Anthroposophical Health Studies

Anthroposophic medicine, what is it and why should you care about it ? It’s a medical practice developed by doctor Rudolf Steiner that merges the spiritual and practical aspects of our bodies. Health centers or hospitals only offer to treat our physical diagnosis and deem our spiritual state unimportant. Anthroposophic medicine integrates practices that are unconventional. Homeopathics, plant medicines and natural remedies to create a more wholesome treatment.

Rudolf Steiner’s health center also recommends other therapeutic disciplines such as music, massages and most importantly whatever makes us at ease. For example, if you enjoy going mountain climbing, working out, and even the guilty pleasures like playing some online casino games. We can recommend you some of the best medical-themed slot machines available online for your pleasure:

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So as we said before the Anthrosophic medicine by Rudolf Steiner is relative to every person. Valuing the spiritual and physical aspects of a human is quite logical and effective because mental health is so important, and we at the Health Center cannot stress it enough. If you still don’t think this is for you well at least you found some fun online casino games.

Now a few words from doctor Robert Gorter:

For me, Robert Gorter, MD, PhD, it is a great pleasure to introduce you to the Anthroposophical Health Studies. When I was a medical student, I always felt that there was a lack of understanding of health. At the Medical School of the University of Amsterdam, we were taught a lot about illness and pathology, but very little about health and the prevention of illness. Thus, I started looking around to see whether there were alternatives to what I was learning through lectures and books.

This is how I came across many traditions and disciplines in medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Chiropractice etc. I studied them all and received accreditation or license in most of them. But nothing satisfied me completely as a physician, trained in academical thinking. Then, I found Anthroposophical Medicine. Here, I found what I was really looking for: a form of holistic medicine, which included all of conventional (western) medicine and a very spiritual and practical approach to health and disease. — Robert Gorter, MD, PhD

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