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    The Book of Relevations (the Apocalypses) has been written by St. John the Evangelist while staying in the Island of Padmos (Greece).

    As we know from writings by Rudolf Steiner is Lazarus and John the Evangelist and Christian Rosencreutz one and the same individuality that incarnates roughly once a century. The Book or Revelations is hard to understand if one is not knowledgeable about these symbols and traditions of numbers and images. The “Day of Judgment” has always appealed to many from various religions and world views as a shared expectation of an event that will truly come as a historical event.  Rudolf Steiner has predicted that the complete 21st century would give a “preview” of what will happen when the “battle of everybody against everybody” will start. Steiner says that all major spoiritual events will throw their shadows ahead.

    It is possible that what we must witness now during this 21st century reflects what Rudolf Steiner pointed at: terrorism knows no rules of conduct or “code of honor” and it could be your brother or neighbor planning to kill you. And the perpetrators experience certain (orgasmic) pleasures in torturing their victims, including small children and women.

    Commentary by Robert Gorter, MD, PhD.

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